The Project

Churches are funny. Thousands of people come and consume content in a packed room every week, yet most churches are years behind in delivering any worth-while content online.


My Role

I asked "what if we treated the web like an additional weekend service instead of a content graveyard."

I was the designer and creative director over the project working with a copywriter, videographer and photographer.

Content Audit & flow

Exploring options for delivering weekly videos that actually help people.


Churches do a great job at creating content but it typically gets posted online and forgot about. I wanted to create a system where people could search by topic as well as explore teachings in curated playlists.



I wanted to test how much photography I could put on the page and still achieve the users goals. I quickly blocked out a layout in foundation and added images. 

Photos of the service were good however, we found we needed more photos of people and for it to be more aspirational.



Still in progress