I’m currently the lead product designer at Spatially, where I head up product with the goal of redefining location intelligence and ad tech for businesses.


My Role

Product ownership is shared between our CTO and me. My day to day activities range from prioritizing a road map, doing user research, shipping specs, and exploring new revenue opportunities.



When I joined spatially there was a lot of work to be done.


Defined the components and UI styles

Defined mobile web structure and breakpoints


Created a core set of interactions and patterns for visualizing data. 

I defined a wide range of component interactions that could help us move fast and maintain consistency.

Artboard 1.png

People, Activity and Businesses

After a lot of user research a couple of key words begin to surface. Organized the data we presented using the words our users were using

people activity and businesses.png

Research findings

I’d been playing with this idea of testing locations by helping users create an and then serving it to the different potential locations to return back a highly personalized metric to our users. This was the origin of our Ah-Ha moment. Everyone we talked to about this feature seemed more interested in advertising than the actual site selection product. These findings resulted in us changing our focus towards advertising for our initial beachhead product. At the end of the day, we know where and who a small business should be spending money on. 


Mapped out the experience


Use of color and icons

I created icons to help our users quickly identify the segments they wanted to be using. 

icons to help draw focus.png



FUll project coming soon.

in the mean time, check out to see some of the work I've been doing. 

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