Funding Campaign

Compassion Immersion is four weeks that WestGate carves out to celebrate all the organizations and people WestGate supports locally and globally. At the end of the 4 week campaign WestGate asks people to donate what they can. 

I was the creative director, designer, and video producer for compassion immersion. Early on I started having meetings about what deliverables we were going to need. I had a hypothesis that if we focused on creating meaningful connections giving would increase significantly - people only give to people they trust. I developed a plan where we focused on telling real stories of real people and make it simple to donate.

Funding Campaign Raised 1.92 Million

Funding Campaign Raised 1.92 Million

The magazine was a key tool for us to show people where their dollars went.  Writers were given a list of organizations to interview and a guidance sheet to help us maintain constancy across all the articles. 


Compainion videos

All four weekends of the campain we had videos to help give the organizations a face and a story people could connect with.