Modontics was a product idea to helped dentists perform orthodontic care for patients under the supervision and instruction of orthodontists. The founder came to me to help turn his initial idea into a real tangible product. 


From ideation to development, I designed & built v1.0 of the web application. I was also responsible for creating the branding and marketing materials.


Patient Signed-in Experience

The patient signed-in experience was designed to build trust between the patient and their dentist. 

To accomplish this, I designed a patient portal that incentivized full transparency.  The patients were given access to their dentist's credentials, treatment plan, treatment progress and much more. 

signed in experience.png

Identify value proposition

Our research showed that our target dentists were more interested in gaining new clients and increasing their revenue. By creating a marketplace with reviews, we were able to help dentists grow their customer base and build trust between both the patient and the dentists. 


Visual Design

I created a brand, UI components, icons and illustrations for the web and mobile application as well as all the marketing collateral needed for fundraising.



I designed concept pieces for patient intake, dental practice managment, communication and marketing solutions. 



The software was being used in a number of dental clinics being used to treat patients and ready to shop for funding.