The Project

WestGate has thousands of regular attendees, dozens of employees, fourteen separate (and often needy) ministries and a plan to launch into a multi-campus organization. This sounds great right, so what’s the issue? More than ever, WestGate needed a strategy to get everyone on the same page and a way to match the needs of our members to the needs of our departments/ministries.

My Role

At WestGate, I was the “hub” for the macro view for all the communication. It was my responsibility to gather the needs of all the teams in order to prioritize, condense and distribute the information to create solutions that were cohesive with WestGate’s culture and brand.

Defining the experience

The first step is understanding people interact with our organization. 


I identified where people were in their WestGate experience and what they needed to know at their particular stage.

Moving People Forward

Created action by reducing the cognitive load. 

When getting involved, people are much more interested in the top 5 categories than the hundreds of individual events that go on throughout the year. 


I oversaw and created the systems for the promotional calendar at WestGate.

Communication Plan


The Result

WestGate was able to create a consistent and unified experience across multiple campuses.